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Our studio and instructors are always up to date with the current training methods and equipment. We can design a program for the specific needs of any member. Stop in to see what we have to offer.

HITT & Kick


High Intensity Interval Training and Kickboxing in one killer workout. The quick short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods that makes up the protocol HIIT. Add in the kickboxing dynamic and what you have is anything but boring. This work-to-rest ratio makes it arguably the most time-efficient way to exercise and burn calories



Our lineage is from The World Taekwondo Hanmookwan Federation (Known as the Military School of Tae Kwon Do). Our Students learn an integrated system of both ITF and WTF Taekwondo. The focus is mostly on combat. along with speed and precision kicking.

Definitely not for sport

Haidong Gumdo


"The Way of The Sword" is a Powerful Korean Martial Art that is focused on learning natural flowing combat movements with a sword. More physically demanding than it appears, Haidong Gumdo builds great physical strength in the legs, torso and arms.

Students learn forms, step drills, sitting and standing meditation, sparring as well as bamboo and straw cutting

Zumba with Jenn
Lose yourself to the music while you get in shape to the Latin inspired easy to follow dance workout. The perfect combo of fitness and fun to burn calories and tone up. For the more advance, Jenn offers Zumba step

This class is for EVERYBODY and EVERY Body.

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